Our Teachers

NOTE:All our international teachers are guest/volunteer teachers

Rama Budhha

Owner & founder of  Yoga Village®. Born in Madhya Pradesh in 1974.    

His spiritual journey started in his early childhood and in his youth he spend several years meditating and living in the Himalayas. After a deep inner process, he decided to share his experience of Yoga and meditation, starting to travel throughout the year in India, organizing Yoga teacher training and teaching Meditation Courses.

Ramabuddha feels he has been blessed to find a place where he can share his meditation and witness the positive effects that holistic practice and mindfulness can have on our lives

Yogi Prem

Yogi Prem practicing Yoga since his childhood, studied Sanskrit and Yoga at Vaidik Gurukulam, Patanjali Yogapeeth school Haridwar.

Daily practice of the primary and advanced series has taught him to cultivate mental discipline, a devotional heart, and the application of yoga principals in all aspects of his life. Prem is teaching yoga asana, cleansing techniques, yoga philosophy and Sanskrit mantra, he visited many sacred places in India.

With only 26 years he is now teaching Sanskrit classes and Yoga at the Patanjali Yogapeth school Haridwar, the Naturopathy & Panchkarma Institute in Badora, Gujarat as well as seasonally at Yoga Village in Goa,Rishikesh & Pune.

Anastasiia Moshnikova

I’m teacher of Aerial Yoga from Russia. In my life I practiced many kind of yoga. But 3 ears ago I open Aerial Yoga for myself and my life changed)) Aerial Yoga is amazing chance to feel flying in real life. And it is really improve your body, your mind and your mood :

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